What we do 

"Your logo is so cool! Who did it?"
"Amazing photos! Are they yours?"

 That design stuff requires serious know-how, doesn't it?

But since you speak and write English already, you probably don't need someone doing the words... 

Notice, though, that imagination, authenticity, and feeling rarely appear in so much company brand writing. It's no different for business writing, where simple, clear, and easy seem too much to ask for. 

When you need words, we bring you to life on the page and augment your credibility by editing and proofreading for clarity, precision, and coherence.

New company? Rebranding an existing one? Important document to complete? We have the words.  

What we think
We think our work is about thinking. Too often, people jump into action when writing and editing before they've thought carefully. They default to what they know and how they do it. We consider who you are, what you really need, and the best way to go about it.

What we feel
We feel that a good relationship with you is the only way we can give you what you deserve. We are deep-feeling humans doing work for you and your audience, who are also deep-feeling humans. We know that what you do is important to you, just like what we do is important to us.   

What we believe
We believe language and words create the realities we perceive. We believe in speaking openly and always so we don't surprise each other, except with how awesome the work is.

Who found(ed) m@?

Matt Browman

It started with my mom, who birthed me, and who then became my guiding editor and combatant through an English degree. Then, through twenty years of a highly successful wine career and over thirty years of intense martial arts training, I found I kept coming back to words. I drifted toward writing in all my roles, even when I shouldn't have.

I've written all manner of website copy, newsletters, product descriptions, human resource documents, and customer relations communications. Since 2014, I've worked with dozens of government, regulatory, and private-sector bodies teaching clear writing skills and editing documents as a contractor with the plain language company Wordsmith Associates. And I have a manuscript of a novel that needs my love.

I've published dozens of articles in both print and on blogs, and work with book authors. Now, my team and I help companies and organizations of all scales do the stuff they struggle with or don't have time for: getting the words right.

What are your words' worth?